About Famag

We began our activity in 1992. From year to year systematically it develops. Presently we employ several dozen persons. The production is located in a modern hall, with a total area of over 5.000m². 

In Famag we applied innovative technologies of production, i.a. knitted nets, raschel bags, pallet wrap nets, novo-pack and other for fruit and vegetables and many kind of foil packagings. Besides, we introduced an investment into flexographic printer of high quality, lamination machine and blower for foil. We work in accordance with the BRC IoP standard which confirms that the products manufactured by us are of the top quality, and each batch manufactured is completely identifiable causing that client has a possibility to trace the whole "life" path of the product.

The packaging manufactured in Famag are sold in many countries in the world, mainly in Europe. The quality of our goods are appreciated by the clients, among which we have Biedronka, Kaufland, Netto, PoloMarket and others.