Foil with macro-perforation

This is a commonly used packaging material. It is used, inter alia, in packing of the following: food (fruit and vegetables), flowers, textiles, cosmetics, pastries and many others.

Famag work many different mono like: PET, OPP, PPCast and multilayer films for horizontal and vertical overwrap packaging machines. With our rich experience, we can advise the correct film for your specific fruit/vegetable application. Simple mono layer film react as a "touch, dust and dirt protect" to overwrap a product.

Every fruit or vegetable "breath" - it produces gases. To ensure the freshness of the product should be an appropriate gas environment. Through perforations (macro or laser) we provide optimal conditions so as to maximize the life of the product on the store shelf.

All products of ours fulfill European standards and possess proper certificates of quality of suitability for the contact with food. Depending on the requirements of our clients we prepare in a transparent form or also with a printout in flexographic technology up to 8 colours.