Dear Partners,

In connection with the current state of the epidemic and out of concern for the safety and health of our Employees and Business Partners, we have introduced several changes regarding the functioning of the company.

Part of our team has been delegated to work remotely, but we are still at your disposal. In these difficult moments we are still close to you by e-mail or telephone contact.

Our priority is employee safety, protection of jobs, as well as ensuring continuity of production and maintaining business cooperation with customers and suppliers. We have found ourselves in an extraordinary situation, but we are of good cheer – we face the challenge.


Precautions taken

Famag has implemented the highest security measures in its plant:

  • health monitoring,
  • equipping drivers with masks and protective gloves,
  • maintaining the recommended physical distance between people,
  • disinfection of work spaces,
  • hygiene maintenance education,
  • remote work of office staff.


We want to limit the spread of COVID-19, which is why we have introduced restrictions related to the entry of third parties and their movement within the company. In this way, we want to provide the highest level of security to our employees and business partners.


Product quality

At this extraordinary time, we feel even greater responsibility for the products delivered. We take all precautions during production processes to make our products 100% safe. We believe that product quality and safety standards are not a matter of compromise and we also expect such an attitude from our suppliers.

Our relationships

It is important for us to keep in touch with you to ensure continuity of supply. We assure you that despite limited direct contacts, our team is at your disposal and we promise the highest quality of support and interaction.

If you have questions, please contact your account manager or Customer Service. Our employees will answer questions regarding orders, deliveries and other issues.


Thank you for your understanding and thank you for maintaining our good relations.