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Smart pallet netwrap

Many years of research, testing and work on improving the manufactured products have allowed us to create the strongest pallet netwrap. This is how AMA-NET™ was created – the best net available on the market for securing transported products. Almost transparent, yet very needed. Your products deserve the best protection.

AMA-NET™ has no equal

AMA-NET ™ combines the highest quality raw materials, advanced technology and a unique production process. These are tens of thin fibers that, when combined, form the strongest net on the market. Thanks to its structure, it holds the load in the right position. AMA-NET ™ is a technologically advanced product that provides the best performance. 100% satisfied Customers

We go beyond the pattern:

  • the only Polish manufacturer of colored pallet netwrap
  • advanced raw material composition,
  • a net that adapts to the wrapped goods,
  • applying UV protection,
  • exceptional efficiency,
  • the strongest mesh on the market with such a low basis weight,
  • guarantee of vertical load keeping,
  • confirmed quality.

For your products

Highest quality packaging for the industry and food.

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