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    EFFI-BALE™ for professionals

    Only the EFFI-BALE™ net provides the best protection for the harvest. Our brand is guarantee of the most effective method of transport and storing of bales. Thanks to this tested solution Grower enjoys trouble-free baling and saves his time.

    Reliable bale net for the most demanding customers

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    Ideal solution for modern agriculture

    We know what a Grower needs – a reliable and strong net, that is why we have created the highest quality solution to bale harvest, which was feasible owing to the use of the cutting-edge technology. In the production process we use ingredients which guarantee maximum resistance and UV protection.

    Easy bailing with EFFI-BALE™

    EFFI-BALE™ is perfect to bale each type of harvest and for all types of hay balers. Therefore, we produce nets which will ensure maximum efficiency and protection in all weathers, so that your Customer is satisfied.

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