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    Polish producer of raschel bags on the roll

    This seemingly simple braid requires a lot of commitment from us. Thousands of colorful threads, many weaves and a heart to work – all this to create a raschel bag tailored to your products. Modern machine park and used technology allow full control of the production process. Thanks to this, we guarantee the right number of wound bags on the roll. The knowledge and experience of our technologists allow us to take challenges and meet demanding expectations. Create something special with us.

    A traditional packaging created thanks to cutting edge technology

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    We ensure that the granulate used in the production of our bags is completely safe in contact with food. This is confirmed by research. By using the best raw materials, we guarantee the highest quality of our products. Taking care of the health of your loved ones, choose the Polish manufacturer’s raschel bags. Buy consciously.

    In combination with the colorful label, the bags form an attractive packaging. Thanks to the use of the best raw materials for production, we ensure high product quality and packaging safety for food products.

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