First of all, full responsibility for the manufactured products

Every day we deliver modern and safe food packaging. Our own research and development department allows us to constantly search for new solutions. Our packaging is created by experts and technologists who have practical, many years of experience. We ensure that before we introduce a product to the market, it is subjected to numerous tests to ensure safety and the highest quality. Our research and development works allow us to improve the proposed packaging and create new trends.

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Secondly, certified top quality, which consists of several factors:

  • At Famag, we have been working on the basis of the BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials standard for many years. The BRCGS standard provides solid standards for all packaging manufacturers, helping them to produce safe packaging materials and manage product quality to meet customer requirements while maintaining legal compliance. . Certification is recognized by many brand owners, retailers, chain stores, catering companies and manufacturers around the world when assessing the capabilities of their suppliers.
  • Traceability. Each product receives a unique number that is assigned to a specific batch. Packages that leave our production plant are properly marked so that they can be easily identified.
  • Repeatability. Many years of experience of our technologists and the continuous development of a team of specialists allow us to guarantee the repeatability of the manufactured products. Additionally, the BRC certificate implemented in Famag guarantees the highest quality and safety of the manufactured packaging, which has a huge impact in the case of food products. We use advanced European technology in the production of packaging to provide unique solutions.
  • Tested raw materials. Packaging intended for contact with food is strictly controlled. The raw materials used in the production of packaging solutions are tested and safe in contact with food. This is confirmed by the conducted research and obtained certificates. Thanks to the use of the best raw materials, we guarantee the highest quality of our products.


Third, the competence and commitment of the entire Famag team

We are constantly developing, but one issue remains the same. It is especially important for us to provide professional service. Our efforts have been appreciated and we have been awarded the Customer Friendly Company sign. We are with our business partners throughout the entire order fulfillment process. Everyone involved is fully committed and willing to help. We start our work with a detailed needs analysis and prepare a tailor-made product. A team of experts will match the best solution for you. Thanks to this, you can be sure that when you work with us, you choose the most knowledgeable team full of ambitious people who will create a packaging ideally suited to your needs.


Fourth, socially responsible business

Famag is a dynamically developing company. We are a team of ambitious professionals who are constantly looking for new solutions. We constantly implement innovative projects and invest in people and infrastructure. In our actions, however, we do not forget about the surrounding environment. We are happy to support positive initiatives and charity campaigns. This makes the local community grow with us. The issue of ecology is also important to us, which is why we are constantly looking for solutions that are environmentally friendly.

Make the right decision when choosing a packaging manufacturer. Famag is a company recognizable on the European market. We have been a participant in the largest fruit and vegetable fair, Fruit Logistica, for 8 years. Trust the experience and knowledge of our specialists who will be happy to advise you in choosing the right packaging. We guarantee the highest quality of packaging and comprehensive expert support. Your success is most important to us.