Much has been said about the harmful impact of packaging on the environment, but it is necessary to ensure the safety of packaged food. The goal of our activity is to provide solutions that protect products and are friendly to nature at the same time. When designing packaging, we take into account the natural environment, which requires us to make responsible decisions. Packaging created in accordance with the idea of sustainable development is a task to be performed for a common future. Find out what actions we take to ensure that the products we manufacture are in line with this idea.


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What is sustainable packaging?

According to the European Organization for Packaging and Environmnent, packaging that contributes to the achievement of the goal of sustainable development should:

  • be designed integrally with the product to optimize overall,
  • environmental performance,
  • be produced from responsibly sourced raw materials,
  • be designed to be effective and safe throughout its life cycle to protect the product,
  • meet market criteria for efficiency and costs,
  • meet the expectations and needs of consumers,
  • recyclable or recoverable after use¹.



Why is there so much talk about sustainable packaging?

Pressure from environmental organizations, legislative changes, and pressure from consumers make the topic of sustainable solutions a source of frequent discussions. This is because everyone cares about protecting the environment and a passive attitude will not get us anywhere. We all have to make responsible decisions. Each of us should start caring for nature.


Famag for a common future

Improving packaging to be more environmentally friendly is our goal for the coming years. However, at Famag, we already have several solutions that meet these requirements.

We have reduced the amount of plastic in the final NOVO-PACK ™ packaging. Our research shows that compared to standard mesh packaging with a band, NOVO-PACK ™ is up to 40% lighter!

Almost all of our solutions are 100% recyclable. It is enough to throw them into the yellow container for them to gain a second life. In this way, we save valuable raw materials and do not put additional amounts of plastic into circulation.



Our attitude today determines what our future and future generations will look like. Being a conscious and responsible producer of packaging for fruit and vegetables and for the food industry, we undertake activities aimed at designing sustainable solutions. The knowledge of our experts and technologists allows us to create the packaging of the future.