Packaging intended for contact with food is strictly controlled. Materials that come into contact with food products, especially packaging, have a huge impact on their protection. Packaging manufacturers, wanting to confirm compliance with safety standards in the production of materials and packaging for contact with food, decide to implement the BRCGS standard. At Famag, we have been working on the basis of the requirements of this standard for many years. This certificate guarantees the highest and repeatable quality and safety of the manufactured packaging, which has a huge impact on food products.



What is the BRCGS standard?

The beginning of the BRC standard is 1996, when the British Retail Consortium decided to create a technical standard for food producers to unify food safety standards throughout the supply chain. The first edition of the BRC standard is 1998. The first edition of the standard for packaging materials is 2001. The global standard for packaging materials was developed to protect the consumer by providing a uniform basis for certification of companies supplying packaging to food producers and to define product safety, quality and operational criteria which must be valid in the company producing the packaging. In March 2019, a new visual identification for the certificate and a new brand Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standards were introduced.


What is the meaning of the standard for customers?

The BRCGS standard provides solid standards for all packaging manufacturers, helping them to produce safe packaging materials and manage product quality to meet customer requirements while complying with the law. Certification is recognized by many brand owners, retailers, chain stores, catering companies and manufacturers around the world when evaluating the capabilities of their suppliers.


“BRCGS Packaging Materials” standard, 6th edition

Since its inception, the standard has been updated to reflect the latest thinking on product safety. In August last year, the “BRCGS Packaging Materials” standard, issue 6, was published. Its requirements are valid from February 1, 2020. In the new edition, we will find many changes that place even greater emphasis on the safety and quality of packaging materials.
The BRC Packaging standard covers and regulates all areas of the company’s activities in the packaging sector, including:

  • top management commitment,
  • product quality and safety management (HACCP system),
  • resource management,
  • building and infrastructure requirements,
  • personnel requirements.

In the new edition of the standard, there is a requirement to implement a product safety and quality culture plan that gives packaging manufacturers a broader view of safety and quality issues.
More emphasis was placed on the hygiene of packaging, including the control of the microbiological cleanliness of the production environment and carrying out regular hygienic inspections of the production area.
Packaging manufacturers have been obliged to carry out an assessment of the risk of adulteration of raw materials and implement measures to minimize this risk.
The standard also imposes the obligation to implement a documented defense plan, called a “product defense plan” to minimize the risk of intentional product contamination.



Managing the quality and safety of packaging materials based on the requirements of the BRCGS Packaging Materials, 6th edition, guarantees that the packaging materials meet high quality standards and comply with legal requirements.

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