Care for the environment is one of the values we practice. We produce packaging and we know how important waste management is so that it does not have a negative impact on nature. Appropriate ecological education and the responsibility of each of us will certainly contribute to minimizing start in the ecosystem. A seemingly small gesture can bring a lot of good. As a packaging manufacturer, we suggest how together we can take care of the Earth.

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1. Segregation is the basis

It is very important that we learn proper waste segregation. Thanks to this they can get a second life. Can be recycled and reused. In this way, we save valuable raw materials and fewer plastics are introduced into the circulation. As consumers, we pay attention to markings, and as companies involved in delivering packaging to store shelves, we care about proper labeling of products.

2. One material packaging

For segregation to make the most sense, choose single material packaging. This definitely facilitates the recycling process and reuse of raw materials. However, these are not the only advantages of such solutions. In the production process of single-material packaging, the consumption of energy and resources is lower. Such packaging is simply more environmentally friendly. Choose consciously.

3. Closed circle

The circular economy is an opportunity for a better future. This model aims to use raw materials as long as possible while minimizing waste. The principles of circular economy should be applied at every stage of the life of the product, until the item becomes waste.

4. Slimmed packaging

For years, we have been consistently reducing the weight of our packaging so as to reduce the amount of raw materials used and thus minimize the environmental impact of solutions. An example is NOVO-PACK packaging, which are lighter by up to 40%.


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5. Optimized transport

Packaging is made of polymers, which are often lighter than solutions made of other materials. Thanks to this, less pollution is emitted during transport to the atmosphere.

6. Reducing food waste

The use of packaging allows extending the shelf life of food products. In this way, less food is wasted, which is a huge problem of our time. Also, we should properly prepare for a visit to the store, because we often buy with our eyes, and not according to our needs.

7. Response

The place of rubbish is not forests or oceans. Never leave garbage in places of rest and recreation. If you see other people behaving improperly, respond. Let’s take care of the immediate surroundings. Let’s act consciously.


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The above recommendations do not require much commitment from us, only awareness and responsibility. These small gestures and the right choices will help minimize the negative impact on the environment. Each of us wants to live surrounded by beautiful greenery and clean waters. Remember that your decision is important for the future.